The QuasarDB API reports " An entry matching the provided alias cannot be found."


You are performing operations on a multi-node QuasarDB cluster that are performed in quick succession and depend upon each other. Your code might look like this:

 tag = cluster.tag('b')

While performing the last operation, the QuasarDB client API reports the following error:

An entry matching the provided alias cannot be found.


The different entries are stored on different nodes within your cluster and you have a clock skew between these nodes. The clock skew causes a lag before the first entry is visible to all nodes, causing a failure when these operations are performed in quick succession. 


Deploy time synchronization from the same time source across all nodes in the cluster, and make sure this is synchronized on a frequent basis (we recommend once an hour). We recommend using a time source that is as predictable and available as possible, which can be achieved by running your own time server as well.


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