Copying a timeseries


You want to copy all data from one QuasarDB timeseries to another. While QuasarDB does provide this functionality natively, we do provide you with the tools to do this yourself.


To copy a timeseries, the best solution is to create a custom application that reads all data from one timeseries and inserts it into another. This is similar to the approach taken for Copying data between two QuasarDB clusters

A clone snapshot is created using the following strategy:

1. Establish a connection with cluster
2. Create new timeseries with identical columns
3. Start streaming bulk read on source timeseries
4. Write rows to destination timeseries

An example of what the code could look like is provided with our Python API. You can find it at - note that this script demonstrates how to sync clusters instead.

This will take some time to complete, depending upon the size of your dataset. After the process has completed, a single consistent snapshot will be available on your secondary cluster.


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